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Age Groups

Diverse Learning Environments

Research tells us infants and toddlers learn best in environments where they can have consistent, secure relationships with caring and responsive adults, where they feel safe and where they feel free to explore and learn. A well-arranged environment can help meet the needs of infants and toddlers.

As a trained, Experienced License Provider, I strive to create a safe, well organized, and flexible environments to help set the critical stage for each child’s future development and learning.


 Infants and Toddlers

Infants and toddlers grow and develop both quickly and at their own pace. Environments must be created to meet their each current developmental and emerging skills while keeping in mind the appropriateness of each and safety of the space and furniture.


At this age, children are developing fine motor skills and exploring their curiosity. Interest Areas, such as, blocks, dramatic play and dress up, art, reading, music and movement, and outdoor play help spark each child's curiosity and explore how things work as they learn and grow.


Pre-K children are active learners. They learn by pretending, exploring, and testing out their own thoughts and ideas. The experiences offered across these areas of development contribute greatly to growth and learning and help prepare them for their school years.

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